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Printer setup


There are some requirements for the printer integration with Chippy to work efficiently

  • You need to have a laptop or PC connected to the internet in your store
  • You need an EPSON thermal printer or possibly a ESC/POS compatible printer
    • Please confirm with us before purchasing a new printer to ensure your printer is supported
  • You need to run the Chippy print server on the same computer
  • If you are using an Ethernet / network printer needs to be on the same network that you are running the portal from
  • If you are using a USB printer then the driver needs to be installed on the same device that you running the portal from

Please feel free to contact us for clarification on these points.

Printer setup guides

We have a limited number of test devices, the following are guides for printer models that we have tested and confirmed to be supported and working on Chippy. Click the printer to see the guide for setting up these printers.

  • EPSON TM-T88V Ethernet model
  • EPSON TM-T88V USB model

Example Printout

Here is what your receipt will look like once set up.

Example receipt