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You can set up notification options by clicking your profile icon on the bottom left then clicking the preferences menu item.

Currently you can enable notifications for Pending Orders, which are queued for future due time. You can also set it for when orders are sent to the kitchen queue. This is when the order is near its due time and gets moved into the preparing state.

Enabling notifications only applies to the device you are using the chippy portal on. These are stored in the browser and can be updated at any time. Each device displaying Chippy portal can have different preferences.

By default you will only receive banner notifications for orders that go into the kitchen queue.

Notification banner

Enabling Notification

Enabling displays a notification banner that slides from the bottom of the page when an order is received. This will appear for a maximum of 30 seconds unless dismissed manually.

Notification settings

With sound

You can choose to play a sound accompanied by the banner notification.

Repeat until dismissed

Selecting "Keep sound playing until dismissed" will keep the sound looping until:

  • The banner is dismissed by the user
  • Another notification appears
  • 30 seconds have passed