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The first thing to do is set up your Stores. You need to have at least one store in order to deploy and App and start receiving orders.

To set up your first store simply click on the Store menu followed by the 'Create a store now' link

New Store

Store settings

Once on the Store settings page enter your Store details

Store Settings
Store NameThe name of your store, this is what customers will on the mobile app
Store Physical AddressThe address of your store this is used to show your store on the map in the mobile app
GST / Vat NumberThe GST / VAT number that will be show on the orders
Tax RateThe tax rate that will be used on the order for NZ this is 0.15 (15%), this is only used for reporting in invoices. Product pricing is always GST inclusive.
Store Phone NumberThe Phone number on which automated calls will be received if Receive Orders By Phone is enabled
Store Email AddressThe Email Address where orders will be emailed if receive order by Email is enabled
Receive Orders By PhoneWhen enabled an automated call will be triggered to the store when an order is placed
Receive Orders By EmailWhen enabled an automated email with the customer order will be sent to the store email address
Customer Instructions For Pick UpAny special instructions to be shown to the customer when they order a pick up order
Customer Instructions For DeliveryAny special instructions to be shown to the customer when they order a delivery
Receipt Printer Server AddressThe Printer Server address used when Printer Integration is enabled
Receipt Printer AddressThe IP Address of the printer