Getting Started1. Create account2. Create your organisation3. Add a store4. Create your Products5. Create your Menu6. Publish your Test app / website7. Manage your Orders8. Create an Account9. Publish your Live Application10. What next?What's New
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Getting Started

Signing up is easy, all you need to do is create your organisation then set up your Products, Menus, and Publish your new online ordering website. All these steps can be set up in the portal.

If you are stuck at any point during the set up, click the chat bubble on the bottom right to chat with our team directly. We'll be happy to help!

Support live chat button

Now let's get started by creating your account.

1. Create account

Account creation is easy, pick a preferred login method and get started.

You can choose to register with your:

  • Google account if you have one
  • Create a new account using email & password
  • Microsoft account

Follow the instructions presented and you'll be ready to create your organisation.

Register a new account

2. Create your organisation

The first page you are presented with will create your organisation. We only need a name where all your data will be stored.

Set up your organisation

3. Add a store

Stores are the heart of your organisation. You can create one or many stores, the store will be the location where your orders will be received and processed.

You can set up your basic store details:

  • Name & location (required)
  • GST number and Tax rate - for display in receipt & invoices (optional)
  • Pickup instructions that appear for the user on Pick-up or Delivery
Set up your store details

You can also choose to select how to receive orders for this store:

  • The portal (all orders will appear in the portal by default)
  • via a phone call
  • via email
Set up how you want to receive orders

Initially you only need to worry about the store name, and location. We can revisit this area later to understand how to monitor and process orders, as well as set up different options within your store. Any selections here can be updated at any time. You can revisit this page to change it, see more information on setting up your store in the Store management documentation.

4. Create your Products

Products are the individual items your customers can purchase. Add a new product to get started.

When adding a product you can:

  • Set a name and a price (required)
  • Add a description (optional)
  • Upload an image (optional)
  • Add product customisation - we can revisit this later once we add component groups.
Set up your store details

Feel free to create as many products as you like. You can add more or remove any of them at a later stage.

5. Create your Menu

Menus are groups of products, like "Breakfast", "Lunch" and "Drinks". You are required to create a menu as this will be how your customers reach your products.

Create a new menu to get started.

You will need:

  • A Menu name
  • A description
  • A selection of products within the Menu
  • Menu Hours
Create a Menu

A Menu can contain one or many products, and products can be in multiple menus. Click the "Select products included in Menu" field to add your products that you set up in the previous step and save.

Select which products are in the menu

You can also set up your Menu hours here, here is an example of how these store hours would look:

  • Tuesday to Friday - 8am until 2pm
  • Saturday, Sunday - 11am until 2pm
  • Monday - Closed
Setup your Menu hours

Your customers will be able to place orders for pick-up during these active store hours.

6. Publish your Test app / website

An Application is the online shopping website your customers use for ordering. Creating an application will allow you to customise colours, logo, and to deploy your menu to a website of your own.

Click "App" Menu item to create a new application.

Create a new App

Once created, publish & Deploy a test website that you can test and fine tune via the Deployments tab. You can also choose to place orders with a test credit card without affecting your real payments and data.

Once you publish your test app you can visit this app via the URL displayed on that page. This will take a couple of minutes, then your website will be created.

Publish your Test App

7. Manage your Orders

You can choose to submit an order via your test card details and see how it appears in your store via test mode. Click your profile on the bottom left and enable test mode.

Enable Test Mode

A red banner will appear at the top while you are in test mode. You can turn it off at any time by clicking the OFF button appearing on the banner. While in test mode you will only see orders placed via your test app.

Place a test order on your published test website to see how it appears in your store. Ensure you have Test Mode if you have placed an order via the test app.

Back at our store page there are several tabs to manage your orders:

Orders overview

See upcoming orders, preparing orders, and collected orders. You can expand the orders to see more details.

Orders overview page

Kitchen queue

Process currently due orders. Click done once the order is ready so it can notify your customer that their order is ready to pick up.

Kitchen queue - orders that are being prepared

Pickup board

A view of orders that are still in preparation or ready for collection. Click Done in the kitchen vi

Pickup board - orders that ready

8. Create an Account

Setting up a bank account will allow you to integrate with our payment provider (Stripe) and accept payments. The set up process will require you to set up your details, then continue by uploading several documents to stripe.

Firstly set up your business / personal detail.

Account - Enter your details

Set which bank account where the funds received from online orders be deposited into

Account - Bank details

Once set up, you will need to click the link to upload any documents required to operate. This could be proof of your identity, or your business registration. Click the link and follow the instructions:

Account - Stripe LinkAccount - Stripe verification

Once all the requirements are met, your account will be in an active state which will enable you to receive your funds from your customer purchases.

Account - Active account

The process can be a little confusing so feel free to contact us at any time to assist in the process.

9. Publish your Live Application

Once you are satisfied with how your test app looks. Feel free to deploy your Live website and share the link with your customers!

Deploy App

Ensure that Test Mode is disabled (make sure there is no red banner appearing at the top) and you will start receiving live orders from your customers as they are placed.

Check out the customer website we used in this tutorial here:

10. What next?

There are many additional features of chippy you might want to explore, feel free to check out the rest of the documentation for guides and information. We are constantly adding new features and improvements so feel free to get in touch with us at to give us your feedback and ideas.

Here are some things you might want to do:

Set up within your store: