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What's New

We are constantly pushing out updates and improvements to our platform. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us and send us your ideas and thoughts we'd love to hear them!

May 2020 (II)

This is a minor release which is focussed on busy kitchens to make Chippy platform as efficient as it can be in helping managing orders.

Key highlights

  • Be able to sell-out pickup slots to stagger receiving orders across time-slots
  • Out of stock products now also includes components
  • Daily totals

Portal Updates

There are two main features with this update, being able to sell-out time slots, and be able to set components from customisation groups as out of stock.

Sell-out time slots

From the stores area under the Pickup tab you will be able to select timeslots that won't be selectable by the user by choice.

Sold-out timeslots

Here is what your customer will see:

Sold-out timeslots shown in the app

Please note that if the timeslot is the only available slot in the list, then this will still be selected but the user will be informed that it is a busy period. This also doesn't guarantee orders won't be place at those times, i.e. if an order is marked as "As soon as possible" it might still appear around the busy time. This mainly affects ordering ahead of time to mitigate against situations where many orders being placed at the same pick-up time.

Out-of-stock components

You will now be able to place components (customisation items) as out of stock. This is done in the same out-of-stock area in the store area, under the products tab. Components will be marked with a (C) to differentiate them from products.

Out of stock components

Here is what the customers will see:

Out of stock components shown in the app

Daily totals

We've added a new view in the account area for running daily totals. This will show totals for the last 5 days with the ability to export the transactions for each day.

Daily totals and transactions

May 2020

This was a busy month for us as we stabilise the product for the anticipated increase in demand, at the same time providing much needed feature updates to our new customers joining us recently.

Key highlights

  • Transactions & Payouts tabs for Accounts
  • Quick-service menu items minimum wait time
  • Portal notification sounds
  • Store disabled notification

Portal Updates

We now provide more information for transactional data on your account. The accounts area will contain two new tabs for Transactions and Payouts.


This tab will give you a transactional level breakdown of all payments, refunds, and payouts associated with your account.



Payout summary of all payments that have been deposited into your account. Plus the current balance still in your Chippy account. The payout can be exported and it will include all transactions associated with that payout.


Platform Updates

Quick-service menu wait time

This feature allows you to have specific menus with shortened wait times that can be ordered quickly. This value will overrule the wait time set at the store level allowing cases where you can serve drink and coffee orders quickly reducing the pickup time displayed in the customer app.

This value can be set in the Menu area under the specific menu that you want updated.

Menu Quick-service time

Make sure the value set here is lower than the store's minimum wait time in the Pickup tab.

Customer app (website) updates

  • As soon as possible will now appear when the item is available now and the wait time is less than 15 minutes
  • Users will be prompted when the store is Disabled after they click "Start order" (instead of at the end during checkout)
  • Menu hours will be always displayed in the menu page
Menu Hours
  • Previous orders list will now only display paid orders
  • Refunded orders will be marked as Refunded
Previous orders

Notification sounds

There is a new preferences page where you can set notification alerts when receiving orders. These are turned off by default but can be reached by clicking your profile icon in the bottom right, and clicking preferences.

You can set to play a sound when:

  • Receiving an order
  • Order moved to preparing

You can choose a sound type, and pick the option to keep repeating the sound until it is dismissed.

Notification settings

Other updates

  • Printer now supports USB printers in addition to networked ethernet printers. Please see instructions for set up here: EPSON Receipt Printer
  • More stable connection in receiving live orders, will now reconnect in the background
  • Other improvements in the accounts area to improve the onboarding process
  • Various bug fixes

Please redeploy your app to get the latest updates and fixes.